Summer Showcase! Strengthen your brand and re-connect with your customers this summer.

Corporate events and exhibitions are always an excellent opportunity for everyone to connect outside of the workplace and holding or attending such events can have huge benefits for your business.

By getting out of a familiar work environment, you can break down interpersonal barriers and eliminate the usual distractions of the office, giving everyone the opportunity to interact with each other in a completely different setting can help them think differently and, of course, help them improve personal and professional skills.

Another huge advantage is the fact that you’ll be able to tap into your team’s hidden potential. Part of participating in team building programmes, no matter what they are, is that you can learn things about yourself you may not have previously realised.

Team building is invaluable, especially because it promotes better work relationships, offers a shared positive experience that your employees will talk about, and allows people to better understand where their strengths and weakness lie.

Corporate events and exhibitions are much more than just a chance for employees to gather, they can help to:

•  Cultivate loyal customers
  Validate your employees and promote creativity
  Boost company morale
  Create a better, more focused team and a great atmosphere
•  Understand your audience better
  Increase revenue
•  Beat the competition

“Events actually are just a part of a larger strategy to help engage employees more in the workplace and make their jobs and the places where they work a more interesting place to be,” said Damon Guidry, Global Event Strategist at Adobe.

Employees feel engaged because they are valued and can see the bigger picture. Instead of just being in the workplace, they can connect with the rest of the company and face to face with potential customers. They can see the importance of their position and the time and energy that went into the event.

Events and exhibitions should be an important part of your employee and customer engagement strategies. Well-planned events tie into the company’s culture and can be a powerful way to develop motivated employees who are excited to come to work. Company events improve company culture, strengthen teams, promote creativity, and boost morale. It’s no secret that companies use events to promote their products or services. So much so that the term “event marketing” refers to using events as marketing and not the marketing of events.

Your product or service may solve a problem for your customers, and that’s great in the short term. But an exhibition or event gives them a positive experience they’ll associate with your brand in the future, strengthening your brand’s position in the market and building consumer reputation.

One of the keys to success in business is to know your customers. The more knowledge you have about them, the easier it’ll be for you to grab their attention. Corporate events are a great way to collect personal details that you may otherwise not have been able to get with a simple customer satisfaction survey.

It takes creativity to devise new methods of reaching your target audience and it takes skill to turn them into customers. A corporate event will enable you to try different methods of conversion out at once. You can combine face-to-face meetings with interactive games and activities to increase engagement.

Take advantage of the economy opening up again, pack the most into the Great British summer time and plan your event and exhibition early.

At ZenOffice we have all the tools to help you and your business promote your brand and products. So give us a call and we can help you plan and prepare for your next event.