Be excited to be back.

Are you ready to return to the workplace on June 21st? or maybe you’ve returned already and are awaiting colleagues and employees to return too?

It’s an exciting time either way, and we’re glad to be helping our customers however we can.

At ZenOffice we understand there’s a lot to consider, acknowledge and implement to ensure our workplaces are re-opened smoothly and without much disruption. Not only making sure our supplies are stocked and ready to hit the ground running, but making sure our working environments are safe and comfortable for our employees and colleagues to return to.

It’s the little things which will make a big difference, helping employees to feel safe and confident in the workplace like considering the spacing and the workplace layouts. Does each employee have confidence in the space around them to feel safe? Are they shielded correctly from unnecessary contact from visitors, customers and/or other employees for example?

Does your workplace have the necessary protocols in place to keep your colleagues and employees safe? Or, maybe after the disruptions of the past 12 months your business has moved premises? Maybe you are looking to expand? Or maybe hybrid working models are allowing employees to work more from home? In any case, ZenOffice are here to help.

We do the small stuff, the chairs, the desks and the rest. We do the big stuff too; the ceilings, the partitioning, the refurb and fit out work. And of course we do everything in between; the space and project planning, the workplace audits and interior design. And we do it all with safety in mind, leaving you confident in your workplace environment.

Our furniture and fit-out experts can help you create a comfortable and happy workforce, identify hazards and reduce risk with advice on your office workstations.

Space planning
Interior design
Mezzanine floors
Mechanical and electrical services
Network solutions
Storage and racking solutions
Decorative services


Space Planning is an essential part of the modern day office.
With our team of highly skilled cad designers we aim to fulfill the planning requirements of all our clients. Our planning service ranges from detailed 2D cad plans, to impressive 3D renders. All plans are produced to the highest standard creating the most stylish yet practical working environment.

Whatever the requirement, whatever the style and whatever the budget we’ve a world of creative thinking and brilliant products ready to turn your office space into a thing of efficient beauty. A complete business interiors service.