Print is dead, long live print!

Print is dead, long live print!

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, full of screens, stimulations and distractions, we are here to firmly proclaim that print isn’t dying, it’s not even close to. In fact, it’s enjoying a new reign.

We can all relate to the sentimental feeling of holding a favourite book but the engaging qualities of print reach far beyond novels. It’s been proven that we’re more engaged whilst reading printed material, we deem printed information to be more trustworthy and credible, and the tangible benefits of print are undeniable.

Facebook, KFC and National Australia Bank have all taken to issuing printed apologies following various mishaps this year, a firm reminder that print maintains a level of trust and integrity where digital platforms are increasingly saturated with ‘fake news’ and questionable content. Take road signs, instructions and manuals for example- their permanence commands a level of authority a cut above anything that can be easily changed and adapted. Communicating via a printed format, regardless of the message, suggests you really mean what you’re saying and carries an inerrant tone of authenticity in today’s throw-away culture.

The more tech-driven our lives become, the more we’re looking to find balance via traditional items. Sales of vinyl records have soared in recent years and physical books have enjoyed sales successes where ebooks have seen a decline. Print remains one of the most powerful and engaging mediums available and, despite digital channels fighting for our attention, it remains resolute in it’s ability to communicate and educate. As new technology combines with familiar products, a creative revolution is happening in print and ZenOffice is at the forefront.

In a digital world, where it’s easy to assume print is under threat from virtual communications and marketing, we strive to work with the latest trends and developments in the sector to bring you tangible products and printed collateral that create lasting impressions amongst your colleagues and customers. Digital business cards, augmented reality and smart writing technology blend print and digital, utilising traditional printed collateral as the stage for impressive technological innovations. Promotional gifts are rapidly evolving (did we mention we can print on just about anything?) and continually provide more and more creative opportunities to impress your contacts. If you need to make an impact, we’ve got the tools to bring your brand to life, literally.

Sure, we will continue to see a rise in digital media, advertising, and technological innovations but print will always be a desirable, if not essential, constant in an otherwise ever-changing environment. If you’d like to discover more about our Print & Promotion division and how we can help to revolutionise your print needs, contact one of our account managers today for enquiries, quotes and advice.