Is your workspace safe? Safety first as we return to work.

Your people are the cornerstones of your business, so keeping them safe on their return to work is essential.

Businesses are re-opening, your people are returning to work and your customers are coming back through your doors. It’s an exciting time for businesses, but throughout the excitement it’s important to remain safe and protect your people.

The UK government has released a risk assessment plan to help you understand the concerns and take measures to return to work safely. You’ll be glad to know, ZenOffice can help.

As the economy reopens, businesses should continue to follow the relevant government guidance on working safely and put in place measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to generally protect employees and customers.

The following workplace controls remain unchanged:

Social distancing

Adequate ventilation

Frequent cleaning

Good hand hygiene

Advice is available on talking to your workers about returning to work after a lockdown, with examples of questions you can ask to help them understand the risks and contribute to decisions on reducing the risk of transmission.

These include talking about changes in your workplace, such as site rules, one-way systems and arriving at work.

If your employees have not been in the workplace for some time, and in particular if things have changed, it may be useful to talk to them about coronavirus precautions before they return to work.

Employers should ensure all employees, including those in higher-risk groups, are able to access all the protections that are necessary, eg. during night shifts, when working remotely or working alone. This might include access to personal protective equipment (PPE) stocks or cleaning materials.

We offer a range of safety products to help you achieve your goals and protect your people in future, from hand sanitation stations, to safety signage, our Business Supplies can provide you with all the necessities.

Does your office or workspace need a safety makeover?

Our Business Interiors service has been helping businesses plan workspaces to adhere to safety guidelines, promoting safety for employees and helping them to feel comfortable on their return to work.

So check out some of the popular featured safety products in our catalogues & brochures, or if you’re unsure on what your business requires our team are here to help so why not talk to us?

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