Hybrid help from office to home

Hybrid Help from Office to Home

We are looking forward to the world opening again this summer, so as businesses prepare for employees returning to the workplace and adjust to the flexible, hybrid working model, ZenOffice is helping our customers transition easily and safely.

The creation of hybrid office space is becoming the norm, businesses are reacting positively to changes, improving employee performance and encouraging employees’ wellbeing along the way.
So, what does the future look like? The rise in remote working is making a lasting impact, and whilst working from home 100% of the time may not be standard practice as it can harm employee wellbeing or not suit business models, hybrid working looks set to become conventional
According to Barclays employee Paul Hubble, as reported by the BBC, productivity at work is improving.
Paul used to have to leave his home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, at 06:10 to get to his desk at Barclays’ London headquarters in Canary Wharf by 09:00 – a morning [and evening return] commute of two-and-a-half hours

But since home working became the norm for Barclays employees, Paul says he can get more done.

“I now have more time for myself, but also can be more productive in that I can start work early and finish work later,” he told the BBC. Plus he saves £6,000 a year on his rail season ticket.It also means he can make time for a mid-afternoon dog walk, which he says is a “great way of recharging the batteries.”

How can you help to create the conditions for an effective culture, improve productivity and increase employee wellbeing in the hybrid environment?

Remain accountable.

Accountability is key to an effective culture because it reminds people their work matters, and it reminds them how important it is to the company and the team.

Many organisations have already adopted meeting and collaboration technology solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google to bridge the gap between office and home. Hybrid working spaces for meetings and hot-desking will ensure regular face-to-face contact and staying in touch for regular updates with employees and clients alike bit?? in person and virtually is key.

Provide comfort with safety in mind.

We know the new normal is adapting and the old normal is no longer, so by providing employees with the necessary equipment at home and creating comfortable hybrid spaces at the workplace, you can ensure productivity remains high whilst looking after and nurturing employee’s wellbeing.

ZenOffice provides a multitude of solutions to encourage safety, from anti-bacterial stations and personalised signage to office chairs that ensure correct posture is maintained, our range of office furniture and office planning solutions provide comfort, flexibility, and inspiration both in the workplace and at home.

Stay Secure.

The great thing about technology is it is adaptable and flexible but staying secure across different networks and software can sometimes be a struggle. Maintaining data security remains a high priority and Zen has specialists on hand to provide you with the necessary tools and guidance on how you and your employees can stay safe and secure.
So, whether you require advice on solutions to keep network and data connections secure, help with office refurbishments or equipment to embrace the hybrid change ZenOffice is here with all the solutions from A to Zen.