Tips to help you cope with warm weather at work

Young man in office with fan

With temperatures reaching highs of nearly 30 degrees this week, read our tips to help you ensure your employees stay cool at work. Businesses in the UK are not legally required to ensure workplaces are kept below a certain temperature, high temperatures can affect employees’ performance, efficiency and productivity.
Here’s a few quick and cost effective steps you can take to help keep your workplace cool:

  • Provide employees with a fan.
  • Where possible relax dress codes. This will allow employees to wear lighter clothing, keeping them cool.
  • Provide cold water dispensers, and encourage employees to drink plenty of cool drinks throughout the day.
  • Use window blinds or reflective film to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Employers should pay attention to vulnerable workers, such as pregnant women and older workers.
  • If the hot weather is affecting motivation, treat employees to cool drinks, ice lollies or ice creams.

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