Protect your paper trail

Protect your paper trail

When you hear the words “security breach” what do you imagine? Shifty eyed hackers, slouched over computer monitors in darkened rooms? Black clad cat burglars rifling through your files?

It will probably surprise you to learn that the biggest security threats don’t come from outside your business, but from within – and you’ll be shocked at who they are.

The greatest risk to your businesses’ security isn’t from those who wish you harm, but from those who are working by your side every day. The very same people who believe in your business and who are diligently helping it succeed can be the same people who pose the greatest risk, and they may not be doing it intentionally. Why? Two words: Paper. Trail.

A whopping 90% of companies have had security breaches because of printing. Odds are you have, too. From salaries and performance reviews to contracts and competitive data, sensitive information is most often compromised by employees who think of security as a problem to be dealt with from the outside in, rather than the other way around.

Protect your paper trail infographic

Here’s an interesting statistic – according to Gartner, an independent print assessment can save up to 40% on MPS costs. It could save your reputation too.

After all, the last thing any organisation wants is for sensitive information to get into the wrong hands. The commercial and legal consequences could be horrendous.

Our Print Management Solutions tick both the cost cutting and security boxes. Here’s how:

  • Reduce printer and/or multi-function device numbers
  • Centralised Management – a single point of administration for all users and devices
  • Intelligent Printing influences users to choose duplex, colour or mono print
  • Dramatically reduce paper and toner usage – print rules direct jobs to the most suitable device
  • Confidential Secure Printing – Pull printing allows only the original user to view prints and stops sensitive information from waiting to be collected from the print tray

Sound scary? Don’t panic! There are simple solutions you can employ to help keep your growing company secure and minimize exposure to risk, and we can help.  Simply contact us here, or email where you can request a call back.

Reference: Small Business Solutions