It’s what’s on the inside that counts

It's what's inside that counts

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. While that number sinks in, it’s worth taking a look around at your working environment. With a greater focus on staff well-being, eco concerns and smart devices making us all work savvier, our surroundings must adapt too.

Clash of the calendars

The number one frustration faced in an office environment? Booking meeting rooms. One third of workers say that they spend more than 30 minutes a week trying to secure meeting room space via Microsoft Outlook. While it’s clear that space can be precious, a re-think of the space you currently have could be the answer. If you have quiet corners of the office, transform them into additional meeting opportunities by placing meeting pods that can also double-up as hot desks and break-out areas when not in use.

Looks aren’t everything

While we want to work in a nice environment, we are also increasingly wanting to do good by the environment. Millennials especially are conscientious about saving the planet and helping social causes. 88% of millennials, those born after 1982, believe it’s also a priority to work for a company that’s socially responsible and ethical. This has lead to an increase in businesses designing more eco-friendly work spaces featuring sustainable materials and energy-reducing measures, such as going paperless and even using rain water to flush toilets.

Sitting is how bad?

A study of 8000 adults has found a direct link between sitting for long periods of time and an early death- yikes. It’s more important than ever to stay active and while that may seem tricky in a desk-based job, there are simple changes to help. Standing desks aren’t a new phenomenon, but they have become more adaptable and certainly more stylish. Outdoor seating encourages al fresco lunches and secure bike storage accompanying a cycle-to-work scheme may appeal to more workers than you think. Even the layout of your office can help everyone move a little more- think about the placement of shared printers where people have to get up and walk to them, it’s a small change but every step counts!

Updating your workplace interior needn’t be daunting when there are so many arguable benefits for a new look. Our Business Interiors team can help you to visualise your new space, simply contact an account manager today to find out more.