5th May 2021

Is your workspace safe? Safety first as we return to work.

Your people are the cornerstones of your business, so keeping them safe on their return to work is essential. Businesses are re-opening, your people are returning to work and your customers are coming back through your doors. It’s an exciting time for businesses, but throughout the excitement itâ€â€¦

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29th March 2021

Hybrid help from office to home

We are looking forward to the world opening again this summer, so as businesses prepare for employees returning to the workplace and adjust to the flexible, hybrid working model, ZenOffice is helping our customers transition easily and safely. The creation of hybrid office space is becoming the norm…

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2nd October 2020

Five ways you can contribute to your company’s virtual work culture

Work culture is the experience you have that is based on what you see and hear while you are at work. It is a feeling that you have when you think about your co-workers and your work environment. That experience or feeling can be positive or negative, depending on how people conduct business and wor…

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