22nd September 2021

Our obsession with Stationery.

National Stationery Week 2021 #ZenOffice Many people are stationery enthusiasts, but where does this obsession with seemingly mundane—and even technologically obsolete—objects come from?  Many people, it seems, have intense relationships with their stationery. Boutique office supplies shops hav…

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12th July 2021

Summer Showcase! Strengthen your brand and re-connect with your customers this summer.

Corporate events and exhibitions are always an excellent opportunity for everyone to connect outside of the workplace and holding or attending such events can have huge benefits for your business. By getting out of a familiar work environment, you can break down interpersonal barriers and eliminate …

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10th June 2021

Be excited to be back.

Are you ready to return to the workplace on June 21st? or maybe you’ve returned already and are awaiting colleagues and employees to return too? It’s an exciting time either way, and we’re glad to be helping our customers however we can. At ZenOffice we understand there’s a lot to consider, …

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