Why direct mail and print media should feature in your marketing mix

Since the rapid rise of the digital age many marketers have migrated towards digital channels, considering them the champions of the marketing mix. This has left many asking whether direct mail and other printed media has become obsolete.

However the power of print is still strong.

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So let’s take a look at the benefits of print compared to digital channels.

  • Less competition. As paperless billing and online services take precedent, consumers are receiving less mail than ever, vastly increasing the cut-through potential of direct mail. The response rate of direct mail is significantly higher than that of electronic direct mail, 4.4% vs 0.12% respectively. [2]
  • Engagement. Print achieves greater engagement with your audience than digital media which is often skim read in as little as 15 seconds. [2]
  • Longevity. Print is a piece of physical collateral which can stay in houses or offices for months, whilst digital ads last only a few seconds.
  • Credibility. Widespread suspicion of spam and viruses means that people are distrustful of pop-ups and banner ads, and many chose to disabled them altogether. Whilst 60 – 61% of customers believe in the credibility of printed materials, only 42% trust their digital counterparts. [3]
  • Lower cost per lead. Despite the raw cost of a direct mail campaign exceeding that of a digital campaign, research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that the cost per lead generated is lower.[4]
  • Highly targeted. Not all audiences can be reached online. Direct mail can directly reach audiences that may be challenging to target online.
  • Evocative. The sensory experiences provided by print – feel, touch and colour – evoke customers’ senses, increasing campaign effectiveness up to 70%.[5]

With so much potential to increase your campaign’s effectiveness and ROI, can you afford to exclude direct mail and from your marketing mix?

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