Top five tips for your office fit-out

Given that most of our waking hours are spent at work, office design is becoming increasingly important. It is not just about the superficials, a well-designed work environment can improve the bottom line, help increase staff motivation and reduce absenteeism, as well as create a powerful first impression for clients. With this in mind ZenOffice I Business Interiors & Exteriors looks at the ways in which design plays an important part in today’s office environment.

  • Create more break-out areas for informal discussions and ‘touch down’ spaces where people can dip in and out to check emails. It’s all about getting staff engaged with their office space and to encourage participation and collaboration
  • Colour! No longer will magnolia walls or oak desks suffice! Colours, such as pale greens and off-whites usually get interpreted as being bland and lacklustre, dampening creativity. Staff and employers are demanding a lot more from their workspace and want their expectations to be met. Coloured lights, creative graphics, white desks, bright screens and chairs are creating an exciting and stimulating office environment. Even the washroom facilities are more like posh hotel toilets than the public lavatory feel of the past!
  • Do your bit for the environment. Businesses are increasingly going to see legislation and regulations that will require them to develop more sustainable building projects which help to reduce their carbon footprint. Consider recycled materials and additionally send any unwanted elements to specialist recycling companies.
  • Go for a striking reception area. The reception is the first port of call in an office and it is important that it gives the right first impression. A striking reception desk is a starting point but this needs to be supported by other elements such as welcoming furniture or interesting wall graphics. A good reception area shows your clients and your staff that you mean business.
  • Finally, storage is key. This seems a simple idea but ample storage in the office means the workspace will be organised and tidy. It will cut down on the number of congested areas in the office and a tidy, streamlined office helps portray the right signals to clients and colleagues!

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