Three types of people who are organised in their office despite their bad habits

The three organised types…
We all know the classic view of an organised person; someone in your office who has an immaculate desk, everything neat with minimal filing on show, and we have all encountered the supposed opposite; the messy-desked individual with paperwork strewn everywhere and not a clue where everything is.

These assumptions are wrong, let us show you three types of people who are organised despite appearances and two who look neat, but are not.

1. Skyscraper Sarah
This person has documents towering in piles on their desk but they have a place for everything and can locate it straight away from underneath their stacks of paper. A highly effective organiser, but work gets done in their head, not on their desk.
2. The beer mat scribbler
This person is highly creative and cannot waitto get their ideas down to present to people. Unfortunately this happens at any hour and they will often come in to work in the morning with their latest genius idea scribbled on the back of a beer mat or tiny post-it note. Their desk is strewn with hundreds of ideas, inspirations and interesting statistics but their creativity and speed at getting these ideas into a concrete reality make up for the chaos of their desktop.
3. Digital Dave
When it comes to his computer, everything is filed neatly on his desktop and in his emails but look at his actual desk and you will see strewn cables, mice and empty soft drinks cans. Dave is immersed in the world of computers and he gets on with this efficiently but his desk is like a place where calculators go to die.

The two who look organised but aren’t…

1. Right angle Ryan
Everything has to be in its place, at exactly the right angle on the desk. The desk is a ghost town and one would assume that this person is highly organised and efficient. But throw a new task or new way of doing things at him and he will be a chaotic mess, and not know how to proceed. He is happy with the simplicity of his role and his desk reflects this.
2. Print-off Paula
Every email is printed off, put in a letter tray and then filed in the increasingly bulging filing cabinets. Whilst this is a systematic process and prevents emails getting lost down the back of the digital filing cabinet they get lost down the real one, never mind the small forest needing to be created. The slow pace of this system means important tasks get done too slowly.