The workplace is changing

With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, the print industry is poised for profound change as we head towards 2025.


The journey to 2025 marks a generational shift as baby boomers retire and millennials become the largest segment of the workforce. Millennials are more accustomed to reading from a screen and will have different expectations of print technology in the workplace. Employees in the workplace of 2025 will always be connected. Research from Quocirca shows while many organisations expect print to remain key to many business activities, digitisation is set to accelerate.


The majority of end-user organisations expect print to retain an important role in supporting their business through to 2025. Print simply is not going to disappear anytime soon. Although most industry executives are optimistic for the future, just 40% feel their organisation is well positioned for the market in 2025.

Managed print services providers are expected to deliver the most strategic value by 2025.

As the industry moves towards digital transformation, it will need to become more software and services led. MPS providers have proven expertise in this area and the industry recognises that they will be key to future success.

Mobile employees are expected to account for more than half of the workforce by 2025.

53% of employees within organisations in the UK expect to be mobile by 2025, this is a rise from an average of 38% in 2017.

Security and cloud are seen as the key areas for investment between now and 2025.

Security leads with 84% of organisations rating this as a top priority, followed by cloud computing (66%) and mobility (53%). Print security will rise in importance with 30% rating it as very important today, rising to 47% by 2025.

The ‘less-paper’ office is more likely than a paperless office.

Today, 78% say printing is important to their daily business, dropping to 64% that expect it will still be important in 2025. Overall, 41% expect print volumes to grow over the same period.

Mobile printing is a top requirement

More than half of end-user organisations expect mobile print volumes to increase, with 41% have already implemented mobile printing.

Digitisation initiatives are set to accelerate

Organisations expect document capture and workflow, collaboration tools and mobile working to reduce printing by 2025. Overall, 36% of organisations expect to be printing invoices by 2025 compared to 61% today. 72% already operate several paper-free business processes and 52% indicate that paper digitisation will be very important by 2025.

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Info by Xerox, and Louella Fernandes РResearch Director, Quocirca via Print 2025, 2018