Direct mail continues to be one of the most valuable forms of communications amongst small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) of all sectors, helping them to generate more business.

Royal Mail research shows how people value direct mail and the impact it can have on finding new customers, getting more from existing customers and growing your business. After all, because mail stays in the home longer and is viewed more often, mail is taken seriously while other forms of communications can be ignored.

Marketing Direct Mail Statistics

of those surveyed said mail gives a good impression of the company

Marketing Direct Mail Statistics

of those surveyed said mail makes them feel valued

Marketing Direct Mail Statistics

had opened mail that day and the majority who did went on to interact with the company

Marketing Direct Mail Millennials Blog

In today’s multimedia world, it is clear that direct mail is performing a key role in the eyes of SMEs.

Direct mail is seen as a high-quality lead generator with 4 out of 10 businesses viewing it as delivering higher quality responses than other media. SMEs are using mail in many ways to communicate with customers both existing and new, and businesses consistently find that mail helps them acquire, retain and expand their customer base.

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Info via A Guide to using Direct Mail for SMEs, Royal Mail, 2015