The benefits of vehicle signage

Signage and exhibition

Advertising is everywhere! You virtually can’t leave your house, without seeing some kind of sign promoting something. If you want to operate a successful business, that attracts customers, then it’s vital you get your brand out there. And it all starts with signage.

Statistics show that car graphics and TV ads were the top two most memorable mediums, while 48% of those polled viewed vehicle graphics as the most unique advertising medium available1. Yet the cost of vehicle graphics is much lower than television ads. So why aren’t more businesses making full use of this low-cost communication channel?

Between work, socialising and leisure activities, consumers spend a lot of time out and about, now more than ever. UK consumers spend 70% of their time outside their homes, with 98% of people seeing at least one outdoor advert each week. An estimated 87% of UK adults see an outside advertising promotion every week.2

It’s time your vehicles were out there acting as your mobile business cards!

One benefit of choosing to have your vehicles wrapped is their ability to be customised, they can show a business’s personality. From real life images to company logos, vehicle wraps enable businesses to increase brand recognition and reach a wider audience.

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 1 Cox Communications/Eagle Research