Rethinking the office

Gone are the days of office cubicles, water cooler huddles and staunch corporate environments. Workplaces are evolving to meet our changing ways of working, to younger generations and to incorporate new technology.


The office is changing as we speak; new buildings are increasingly incorporating eco-friendly features as standard, we’re working remotely more than ever and when we are in work we’re looking for new adaptations to help us work better. Here at ZenOffice, we’re experienced in all things furniture and fit-outs and can offer expert advice on all products, providing any guidance you may require.


Technology is changing the way we work

The permanent desk set-up is not only less desirable, but not as necessary. Hot desks and flexible work/break areas are increasingly popular as smaller, wireless devices do the jobs desktop computers and even laptops used to.

JD Sports Meeting Pods

Cut the booking frustration and create meeting pods, carefully place seating areas and use furniture as dividers to create opportunities to get together without needing to be in a bricks-and-mortar meeting room.


Break out area

Re-jigging your space creates more opportunity for getting creative with your interior style. Colourful seating is a fun way to lift the mood, plants bring a touch of the outside in and desks in any shape but rectangular will move your style forward.

Standing Desk

It’s more important than ever to stay active and while that may seem tricky in a desk-based job, there are simple changes that help. Standing desks aren’t a new phenomenon, but they have become more adaptable and certainly more stylish.


ZenOffice Furniture Showroom


Just a five minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly train station, our 4000sq ft furniture showroom in the heart of Manchester city centre provides a welcoming space to browse furniture ranging from every-day comfort to affordable luxury. Come down and enjoy bubbly and refreshments while you chat to our qualified furniture specialist.



Barney Ibbotson Furniture Doodle


We spend so much of our lives in work, it’s crucial to create a sociable, collaborative and fun environment to be in, not just for well-being and staff morale but for the sake of productivity too. Contact our Business Interiors team today for enquiries, quotes and advice to help you future-proof your space.