Quick and easy tips to help you cope with warm weather at work

This week, the UK has recorded its hottest day of 2016, with temperatures soaring to 33.5C (92.3F) in some areas on Tuesday. Although temperatures are expected to dip slightly in coming days, weather forecasters still expect higher than average temperatures for some time.

Whilst UK businesses are not legally obliged to keep workplaces below a certain temperature, high temperatures can affect employees’ energy levels, performance, efficiency and productivity. So it makes good business sense to put measures in place to control working temperatures.

Here’s a few simple, quick and cost effective steps you can take to help cool down your workplace:

  • Provide employees with electric fans
  • Use window blinds or reflective film to shade employees from direct sunlight and reduce the heating impacts of the sun
  • Ensure windows can be opened to maintain ventilation, but open only the windows on the shady side of the building to prevent sunlight and heat entering the building
  • Move workstations away from direct sunlight or objects that generate and radiate heat
  • If you have a formal dress code, consider relaxing this during warm periods or allow ‘dress down’ days
  • Provide cold water dispensers around the workplace. This will encourage employees to stay hydrated
  • Treat employees to ice lollies, ice creams or cold drinks to help them cool down and lift the mood if the hot weather is affecting morale and energy levels

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