ZenOffice in my own opinion is an exceptional company to work for, especially in the Marketing team where I have worked for the past couple of days. Marketing to me is like working with your imagination, your mind. Only the creative can have an impact in a successful Marketing team and Hayley, Vicky and Charlotte do a great job!

For my future I was considering a marketing-based job, however now I am considering it more after my work experience. I have learnt how marketing works in a business in general and it has shocked me in a way because it’s even better than it sounds.

The culture and vibe in the Marketing office is calm and a convenient working environment because you can concentrate but also relax and discuss work with your colleagues, everyone is friendly. Being familiar with Zen from being very young, everyone is always friendly and will let on to you. The radio is always playing, and you can always hear laughter and conversations echoing around the building, this makes the work ethic positive from others because they are in a positive mood.

At my time with the Marketing team at Zen, I was taught how to use some marketing software programmes such as Zappar, Animaker, WordPress, Hootsuite and Constant Contact. I really enjoyed using them and now I have the skill of using them. I made an animation explaining about the Print & Promotion division and I learnt a lot in the small time that I had to research print and promotion and I found it very interesting.



“Dom really embraced the tasks set for him, creating an engaging animation from scratch and further setting up his content in a promotional product setting using augmented reality. He utilized any and all information available to him and picked up on the Zen vibe straight away. Dom found his way around previously unknown platforms, Animaker and Zappar, with little instruction and at a quick pace. I’m sure he’ll be an asset to any team he is a part of in the future and has been a delight to have in Marketing.” – Zen Marketing team

Animations and augment reality have benefited marketing as it has developed along with the internet and technology in general. If a business has a static logo and it doesn’t do anything and then another business that has a cool animation with augmented reality as their logo, something short and sweet, then the customer is going to be more drawn to the business which has the cool logo with the animation.

Augment reality is becoming a widely used technique in marketing because it can impress your customer. An example of this is Google when they changed there normal ‘Google’ logo to a little animation with a microphone and little colored dots on it, this was to keep the customer interested in the business and what it has to offer.