Millennials Love Mail, But Why?

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The stats speak for themselves:

84% of Millennials take the time to look through their mail.

64% of Millennials would rather scan for useful information in the mail than email.

77% of Millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising.

90% of Millennials think direct mail advertising is reliable.

87% of Millennials like receiving direct mail.

But why do Millennials like direct mail? And do they respond more to direct mail than other generations? These are important questions because, as of 2015, Millennials have become the largest demographic in the workforce, with very specific attitudes and needs. To craft mailings that work for this generation, we have to understand what motivates them differently than other generations. We don’t often see those questions addressed.

The answer to the second question — do Millennials respond differently to mail than other generations — is yes. Compared to other generations, Millennials are;


                                                                                 Millennials                          Non-Millennials

More likely to scan their mail                                                         71%                                          66%

Less likely to discard their mail without reading it                    54%                                         59%

More likely to organise and sort their mail                                  45%                                        40%

More likely to take time to read their mail                                   36%                                        35%

More likely to show their mail to others                                       24%                                        19%

In addition, 57% have made purchases based on direct mail offers.


According to the study, nearly half of Millennials ignore digital ads, while only 15% of Millennials ignore direct mail. Citing this data, the USPS observes, “Apparently, direct mail—which comes only once a day—has become a novelty to this audience.” This is an important point. Millennials enjoy direct mail because, in their digitally engaged worlds, it’s different. It breaks the monotony.

Millennials offer a real bright spot in the world of direct mail, but they require a different marketing approach. So, if you don’t currently have a “Millennial marketing” specialty, you might want to develop one.

Info from Digital Printing Hot Spot, 2017