Is coffee affecting your CSR?

However you may take your tea or coffee, did you know your daily brew-to-go has huge consequences for the environment and could be damaging your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility?

7 million disposable cupsThe UK uses 7 million disposable cups every day & half a million of these are littered
2.5 billion cups are thrown away annuallyEvery year this amounts to 2.5 billion disposable cups being thrown away by us Brits alone
136950 miles of paper cupsThis is enough to stretch around planet earth roughly five and a half times

Takeaway cups, although seemingly made of paper, have a tightly bonded polyethylene liner requiring a specialist recycling process to separate that is only carried out at select UK plants. As a result of this construction, only one in 400 cups are actually recycled, that’s less than 1%.

Reusable drinkware from ZenOffice

Make it as easy as possible for your staff to improve their coffee habits by equipping them with reusable mugs of their own. Get your employees on board with doing their bit for the environment and put your company’s stamp on eye-catching and stylish reusable and travel-friendly drinkware.

Reusable cups and mugs from ZenOffice

With discounts on offer from major coffee chains for bringing a reusable mug, you will be helping your employees to individually save money as well as waste. Put the kettle on and contact one of our account managers to discover our range of brandable, reusable cups and travel mugs for all thirsts: