IPL changes name to reflect group branding and new services

Interior Partners Ltd (IPL), the interior design, fit-out and furniture arm of ZenOffice, has now changed its name to ZenOffice Business Interiors & Exteriors Ltd (ZOBIE) to reflect a single united brand as well as highlighting additional new services.

IPL has been a ZenOffice group company since October 2011, in which time the partnership has developed and new services have been added. The latest venture will see the firm offering innovative, high-performance commercial exterior building solutions for commercial and industrial projects including roofing and cladding services.

Over the past 12 months, IPL’s success has seen three new members join the team: Sales Director Phill Sutcliffe, Business Development Operative Dave McNeilly and Head of Interior Design Alan Houghton.

ZenOffice Managing Director Les Kerr said, “We’ve supported IPL ever since they started their space planning, interior design and fit-out business in 2010. They are first-class craftsmen and their aspirations are ours, too. This latest venture is a natural evolution of the fit-out business and we will continue to support them as the business embarks on its next chapter.”

For more information on ZOBIE visit www.zenofficebie.com.

From L-R: Head of Interior Design Alan Houghton, Sales Director Phill Sutcliffe and Business Development Operative Dave McNeilly