Illuminated signage solutions

Winter is coming! It’s time to wrap up warm, because the long dark nights are here!

Most of us find ourselves leaving the house in the morning during the dark and then returning home, still in the dark. Your business will however still be trading, and that’s why illuminated signage is vital at this time of the year.

Not only do illuminated signs promote your business and brand throughout the night, they also help you stand out from the competition. It’s not just high-street shops that can benefit from illuminated signage but any type of business with passing traffic.

So, what’s out there?
When most people think about illuminated signage they go straight to thinking of neon signs. Whilst neon still has its place, it’s now generally being replaced by LED lighting. LED is much more flexible, cost-effective and longer lasting. Some LED signs have the option to adjust the brightness and change the colours.

Cost effective
Some people think that illuminated signage may be excessively costly, however in recent years with the rise of new technology the cost has come down significantly. Meaning not only is illuminated signage effective, it’s also inexpensive too.

Other illuminated options
There are also light boxes, illuminated lettering, signs lit with spotlights, temporary and mobile lighted signs.

Interior illuminated signage
Don’t just think of exterior illuminated signage. You should also consider an eye-catching mix of interior signs too. Ensure the interior of your business doesn’t let you down.

Interested in what other types of Signage, is available contact an Account Manager who can guide you through the process.