Antimicrobial-treated branded items, onboarding solutions and corporate gifts you can give safely.

It’s been a year of adjustments and adaptations for us all. Products that were completely unknown to us a year ago are now part of daily life. Whilst we can hope for an eventual return to pre-COVID days, we can certainly equip ourselves with appropriate tools in the meantime to cautiously navigate life in a pandemic.

For companies looking for branded products to give to their business partners and employees as giveaways or corporate gifts, this opens up a new category of products and opportunities for branding, too.

With different options from customisable face masks to anti-microbial coffee cups to UV-sanitising phone power banks, there is a wealth of COVID-safe items all suitable for today’s socially distanced society.

Sublimation Mask 1PL021
Sublimation-printed reuseable mask with adjustable cords.
88% Polyester and 12% Nylon, 23 x 9 cm.

Brite-Americano® Pure 350 ml insulated tumbler 21042401
The lid and inner contain Biomaster antimicrobial technology which provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms on the surface.

Face Mask Strap 210250
Strap that allows face masks to be worn comfortably for prolonged periods. Contains Biomaster antimicrobial technology.

MyKit Protection 1Z257400
All items in the kit meets all applicable EU regulations. Label can be full-colour branded.

H2O Active® Base Pure 650 ml flip lid sport bottle 21017401
Made from recyclable PET material, features a spill-proof lid with flip top. Contains Biomaster antimicrobial technology.

Nucleus UV smartphone sanitiser with wireless power bank 12413590
A 10.000 mAh wireless power bank that can charge and clean a smartphone thanks to the built-in UV-C LED lights.

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