Are you working well?

In a bid to increase our productivity and outputs, many of us are working longer hours and taking less breaks. But whilst the average number of hours we spend working at a computer screen each day is increasing, so are sickness and absenteeism rates.

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A great deal of sickness absence is caused by injuries and strains such as back ache, neck strain and wrist pain. These all-too-common ailments are often the result of bad working habits like poor posture, which can be caused by a ‘bad fit’ between an individual and their work environment.

So if you find yourself experiencing aches and pains as a result of your working environment, how might you be able to solve the problem?

Investing in ergonomic products is an excellent way to ensure that your workstation is suited to you.

Tired of back tension?
Sitting in a chair without proper support can cause poor circulation, back discomfort, and overall fatigue. If your chair does not provide proper lumbar support, use a footrest and back support together with a posture manager to maintain correct posture.

Wrist pressure a problem?
Typing on a keyboard or laptop, for hours at a time, can cause pain and discomfort to your wrists. As well as using a separate keyboard with a laptop, using wrist supports can help to align your wrists, helping to redistribute painful pressure points, relieving pain and discomfort and preventing potential injury.

Suffering from neck strain?
Leaning forward and tilting your head up or down to see your computer screen can place strain on your neck and back. Use a laptop support or monitor riser to position your screen at eye level. These products help reduce shoulder, neck and eye strain by positioning monitor or laptop screens at a comfortable viewing height and angle

You can find out more about ergonomics in this brief guide to ergonomics and human factors at work.

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