8 ways to build your brand awareness and promote your business this Summer.

How to ensure your business boosts sales, increase brand awareness and promote to consumers this summer.

2022.. the comeback Summer! No more event restrictions and people wanting to make the the most of the warm weather and light evenings, the prospect of socialising and spending quality time with family and friends is very appealing. Or if you work in business to business, getting out and about visiting clients, attending trade shows and networking events, Summer is an ideal time to inject some fun and try new things to raise your profile and stimulate sales.

Here are 8 ways to build your brand awareness :

1. Promotions

Be creative and timely with your promotions and ensure you get the right balance of offering value and not devaluing your brand. Look at third party partnerships. to create the perfect package for your customers and stay clear of the regular price promotions which can easily devalue your brand or product.

Social media ads give you that extra brand exposure even if you haven’t used them before. Investing a small budget on social media can really increase your outreach if you get the timing and target audience aligned.

2. Advertise

Have you placed an advert before? Remember there are always lots of different options as well as formats available – from newsletter inclusion to advertorials. It is always worth liaising ideas with different media houses and publishers to run through the options with you. First collect some examples and take a look at the types of ads being run by your competitors.

It is always a good idea to have adverts professionally designed and written. It takes quite a skill to create an ad that looks professional, aligns with your brand and has huge impact. An advert is very different to designing a flyer or brochure. You have a small amount of space to get across your key messages quickly to potential consumers, and ensure there is a strong call to action at the end. Allow time to develop and produce this, as well as putting aside a small budget within your marketing outlay.

3. Pop-up events

Outdoor Pop-up events are a great way to attract local custom and increase your brand awareness. These type of events can be more informal and fun for prospective customers.

Research local events in your area over the next couple of months. Contact the local tourist board, or council to see what opportunities are available and find out what is involved in participating and run fun and engaging gimmicks to entice your potential customers into initial conversations.

4. Connect with your community

Consider original and mutually beneficial ways to support a local or national cause, and be active in your attempts to connect with your community. Brand reputation has become high priority with businesses since the pandemic and businesses which give back to society in some way are held in higher esteem.

There are so many ways you can do this. Fundraising or volunteering through your staff can be ideal in the summer and you can also get your clients and suppliers involved too. Align yourself with the right charitable partners that have the right fit for you as a business. Alternatively, you could also donate a proportion of your sales.

5. Public Relations

PR presents so many opportunities and could be something you haven’t considered before.

If last year was the year of the staycation, this year people are looking forward to getting back to holidays abroad. Consider how this news could be relevant to your business. Do they need a reminder of what it’s like to go away? What will they need to put in their suitcase?

With the threat of a potential recession, be mindful of people’s tightening budgets as summer approaches – can you help by offering something free or at a reduced rate? Loss leaders are a good way to attract new customers or to sell additional products to customers, but be mindful of your own budget.

Heatwaves and downpours are always big news – keep an eye on the forecast and consider how you can tie in any activities with rising temperatures. Annual summer events such as trips to the seaside, BBq’s, long traffic jams and seasonal foods such as strawberries and cream can also be considered.

6. Door drop campaigns

Door drops could be the perfect way to reach your potential customers. They have long been a successful way to get your promotional material into people’s homes and will continue to do even in the age of tech and social media.

Door drop campaigns make an immediate impression, generate a quick response, and build positive brand perception. They can achieve cost-effective market coverage and target households who fit the demographic profile of your customer. The flexibility of door drop marketing allows for activity to be targeted as accurately as a single street, or as broadly as every UK address.

7. Branded merchandise makes a huge impact

Branded giveaways or promotional products are not only effective brand-building tools but also encourage action from consumers.

Festival and Summer Essential merchandise is going to be big news this summer, especially now that outdoor events are returning to normality and the British public begin to enjoy their summer holidays.

Whilst you’re looking to source branded merchandise, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Consider sourcing products that will be particularly useful and relevant for people (and their pets) over the summer. For example waterproofs, drinking bottles, cool bags, and anything suitable for days out.
  • Ensure any giveaways are high quality and represent your brand in the right way. Cheap looking/feeling products reflect this on your brand.
  • Where possible customise the item to show off your logo. Remember, ZenOffice can print on almost anything!
  • Research how they are produced ensuring they comply with any regulations as well as follow your policies. Seriously consider sustainable products as consumers shift towards this preference. Why not take a look at Zen’s Eco Range or contact our friendly team who can source the right products for you.

8. Invest in new signage and ambient media

Never underestimate the power of strong outdoor signage and branding opportunities.

And we’re not just talking about traditional shop signage. As a small business, advertising can be highly expensive, particularly on a permanent basis. Take advantage of any branding opportunities and ambient media, from personalising uniforms and bags to staff vehicles. Remember it takes up to seven times for a prospect to see something before they act, so the more times they see your brand the better.

And if you’re fortunate enough to have premises and looking to refresh your signage, here are some tips to follow:-

A good sign should be…

• Brand aligned

• Original

• Memorable

• Legible

• Have longevity

Get your brand out there

So get planning now. Put your shortlist of ideas together and ensure your brand is out there this summer. Get in touch with our friendly team here at ZenOffice and we can help put together your marketing essentials, towards budgets that suit you this summer.