10 signs you love stationery a bit too much

Stationery in shopping trolley

Despite living in a mostly digital age, some of us still get a thrill from paper products, pens and office supplies.

If you’re a stationery addict you might recognise one or two of these points:

1. You have far too many pens.
2. You always keep a ruler on your desk, as you never know when it will come in handy.
3. Opening a new pack of post-it notes is the cause of great excitement.
4. It’s the highlight of your day, when writing in a new notebook.
5. Feeling excited for the new year, as it signals a new diary.
6. Colleagues come to your desk, when they run out of staples. As they know you always have a stash of them.
7. You enjoy writing handwritten thank you notes.
8. When someone borrows your favourite pen, you feel irritated when they don’t return it.
9. You’re a list making professional.
10. Feeling a little thrill when visiting the office stationery cupboard.